If you register BEFORE Dec. 1st for classes in Aurora and Richmond Hill, you will get the first month FREE!



Covid -19 has changed the look of all our programs and sports moving into the we are a NON-PROFIT Club, we rely on public schools and community centres for many of our recreation programs to keep our programming affordable.

  • We will begin our season for our Under 12 athletes online (Zoom) from September 27 - October 15

  • In Person lessons will be offered beginning October 18 and athletes will be advised of locations

  • Our Spring sessions (April-July) we will be offering a variety of outdoor programs, which our sport is very naturally geared towards.

Athletes however may choose to stay on-line or return in person! 


Once a week

30 minutes

  • Ages 3 - 6

  • 8 weeks

  • Intro to baton twirling

  • Offered IN Person & On Line

  • 10 basic twirl skills

  • 10 Basic Ballet/Jazz elements 



Sept - May Season


Once a week

45 minutes

  • Ages 6 +

  • Half season or full season options

  • Offered in person & online

    • September 2020 -April 2021 ALL CLASSES OFFERED ON ZOOM

  • Intro to baton twirling

    • 25 minute twirling class learning a variety of basic foundation skills

    • 20 minute dance technique class learning a variety of basic ballet & jazz moves

    • 2nd half of the season - will begin flexibility and gymnastic work. 

  • The athletes in this program will be FULL Stars in the Stars United Club.

  • Earn a minimum of 1 Star badge, but are not limited to earning more 

    • ​Consist of 10 technical twirling elements

    • 10 basic technical ballet and jazz technique 

  • Classes are a 4:1 ratio and will split where possibly within similar age groups for better learning.  

  • The Class will advance and develop based on the overall level of the GROUP. 

  • They will participate in our Santa Claus Parades (as float goers!), our Annual Holiday Display as well as our Club Year End Show (May), and any other various community performances.  

  • Your commitment level is UP to you!  As always those who attend regular class develop quicker and faster!​


  • Baton (to be purchased at Registration)

  • Club Practise attire (order form will be available at registration) 

  • Baton approved Cougar runners or jazz dance shoes.Hair is to be tied back in a tight pony or if possible a BUN.



Once a week

60 minutes

  • Recreation Program 

  • Full Season

  • Offered in person & online

    • Will receive one 30 minute twirling class

    • Will receive one 30 minute dance/gymnastic technique class

  • Athletes will continue moving up in their badge program continuing to develop baton & dance technique

  • Beginner elements of gymnastics will be introduced here (somersaults, cartwheel prep, rolls)

  • Will participate in all our club shows, displays, performances, parades & year end show

  • This program is to get athletes comfortable & ready for competition, however athletes may remain in this program and still develop and grow in their skills!


  • Must have twirling a minimum of 1 season in Shooting Star program or any other twirl program

twirl team_edited.jpg


One group class per week

90 minutes

+ Recommended 1 on 1 individual lessons 

  • Pre Competitive Program 

  • Full Season 

  • 1 group class per week for 90 minutes minimum (pending schedule this might often be separated into 2 nights)

    • One 30 minute skill develop class continuing to build twirling skills

    • One 30 minute dance/gymnastic technique class continuing to develop these accompanying elements

    • One 30 minute competition routine class

  • Athletes will continue working on our badge program and will now be introduced to more competition environment

  • Athletes strongly encouraged to take individual 1 on 1 lessons for further enhance their twirling opportunities

  • Athletes will participate in a min of 3 local area competitions throughout season, holiday displays, shows, parades, and our Year end show


  • Must have minimum 1 year of twirling experience and have been evaluated by our Club Director to be consider for this program

i ran_edited_edited.jpg


Minimum 2 nights per week

+ Yoga Training

+ Required 1 on 1 individual lessons 

  • An athlete must be invited into this program specifically for the TD

  • Minimum 2 nights per week training will occur

    • Skill building

    • Routine choreography

    • Dance

    • Gymnastic enhancement classes

    • Yoga as an enhancement to their skills

  • Will be required to do one on one lessons with an individual coach to maintain elite status

  • Will compete at Regional, Provincial, National & at times International events

  • Eligible to be considered for an Elite National Team spot with the combined team "Starstruck" for World consideration.

  • Athletes will participate in all local club shows, holiday display, local performances, & parades throughout the season as well as our annual year end show


8 week Program


  • Intro to Cheer!

  • 8 week recreation cheer program beginning fall 2021

  • Athletes will begin to learn the basic foundations of cheer maneuvers

  • Pom & cheer development

  • Basic Jump foundations, beginning to some stunt elements & gymnastics





Sept. 14 - 30

4 weeks -1 class per week, 30 minute 1 on 1 lessons

Available Days:

  • Mon, Wed, Fri from 3pm - 7pm

  • Saturday @ 1pm

Class cost: $25

Baton cost: $15

  • Sign up to learn twirling 1 on 1!

  • For the Month of September we will be offering new members 1 on 1 lessons with one of our outstanding STAR Coaches in YOUR backyard or at our Backyard twirling pad in Newmarket. 

  • A coach will come to you or you to us for a 30minute 1 on 1 lesson for 4 weeks. 

  • This will be done safely, our coaches will wear masks while at your location. 

  • Learn Badge 1 of our Star Skill Program in the 4 week session

    • Includes 10 standard beginning level baton twirling elements

    • 10 ballet/jazz technique moves. 

  • Should you wish to have some friends join safely you may do so, grab 4 friends to join you and YOU will earn 1 extra 30 minute individual lesson with your coach!

  • September 14  - 30: you choose your day of the week and time of the week.






6 Weeks


1 class per week:

30 minutes

Class cost: $25

  • Learn how to cheer!

  • 6 week POM POM Online class

    • ​Learn dancing

    • Simple cheer moves all while shaking poms

  • Pom's will be included in this program

  • Pom's will be dropped off safely to your door

  • A fun way to stay active, and safe in this time.