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Your Safety is our Priority.

The Health & Safety of our baton families & staff is our top priority. We have implemented the necessary safety protocols & procedures and we welcome back all of our athletes to the club!

Please Review our Covid -19 Guidelines

  • Athletes are encouraged to  sanitize hands and baton before, during, and after practise using their own sanitizing materials

  • A bag that can fully store their own belongings- shoes, socks, baton, water bottle, snacks to avoid sharing and contact with other members. All athletes are asked to bring their own sanitizer, hand wipes and "sweat" towel for personal use.

  • Masks can be worn in common areas of facility bathroom, entrance, exit, anything outside of the gym and in some cases athletes may be requested to wear masks in classes

  • Athletes should come dressed in proper practise attire, hair must be up in a bun or high pony tail off face neat and clean

  • Athletes may join one of our designed programs or if you do not feel comfortable at all with another class we do have an individual lesson option.  Please contact us directly for this option.

  • Did COVID - 19 affect the club?
    Like every other sport, COVID-19 has impacted our athletes and sport. As we are a non-profit club we do not own our own gym or studio space and rely on public school permits to keep our programs and operating costs affordable. As we navigated through COVID-19 we have lost some of our gym space, however we were very fortunate to twirl in communities where our athletes are supported and are allowed to use community spaces in a safe manner. Our twirling programs will still be operating and offering great programs in a safe way.
  • How did athletes engage while in lockdown?
    Baton is a COVID friendly sport in the fact we are not a highly "contact" sport. Our Elite athletes have come up with new ways to bring our sport to a new level with new training techniques, fun games on social media and still working towards accomplishing new tricks and meeting new goals. Thanks to ZOOM, we were able to continue our training from the comfort of our own space!
  • Does training always have to be in groups?
    Our sport is such that it can be done in spacious cohort groups, or individually. We have adapted to be able to provide our sport efficiently online and still have athletes accomplish great new things.
  • Will you continue to offer online classes post COVID - 19?
    We will continue to offer online classes where athletes can learn in the comfort of their own backyard/home. We have adapted our skills to be able to be successful indoors, or grab a vinyl mat and you have your gym floor! A baton can be safely delivered to you when you join one of our online programs. Online now allows us to share baton with communities that don't house local clubs!
  • What is a Vinyl Mat and why is it useful?
    When practising at home, outside, or anywhere besides a gym, Vinyl mats have been a great investment for athletes as it provides a similar alternative to our home training environment - a gym with gym floors. With the Vinyl mat one is able to twirl with proper Jazz shoes, perform spin tricks and illusions! We have been using these mats for all of our online training when we have been away from gyms! In fact, it is still a technique used post pandemic as it allows us to train from anywhere at anytime.
  • How to you monitor sizing of recreational programs during in person classes?
    Our class ratio in our recreation programs has always been small and we will continue this practise with a 4:1 ratio! Using batons as markers for social distancing we can always ensure our athletes are comfortable and a safe distance while twirling.
  • Are masks always mandatory?
    Masks are NOT mandatory but are encouraged if athletes are uncomfortable or feel sick. Our coaches are more than happy to wear a mask and any athlete is welcome to wear to a mask (as athletes advance, masks can become dangerous due to sight impairment). Again, due to the nature of our sport, social distancing is usually automatically maintained by all members to avoid injuries.
  • How do you monitor sanitation and exchange of batons?
    Coaches have all been trained and equipped with a "safety" bag which includes gloves (non-latex), hand sanitizer, and sanitized wipes. We encourage all athletes to wipe off their batons and hands at the beginning of class. In our recreation programs, our athletes strictly use their own baton for the entire class. For our elite members, exchanging only occurs when teams have been together for 3 consecutive weeks without anyone having any illnesses.
  • What if my child has COVID 19 or COVID symptoms?
    We do not allow any athlete into class who has covid-like symptoms or who is feeling unwell. Athletes may return if they do not have any further COVID symptoms or have a negative test. Parents need to be fully responsible for the health and well-being of their athletes as well as ensuring all our members are kept healthy.
  • How have competative and elite athletes stay safe during in person training?
    Our Elite competitive members aged 10-30 years old have returned to in-person training as of June 1, 2020. For the month of June/July we trained 2 times per week in groups of less than 10 in local outdoor areas using our Vinyl mats, which are 6' X 8', as distance markers. As of August 1, all of our Elite athletes safely returned to gyms and all athletes have thrived and continue to build their strength both physically and mentally.




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